Click on the code to see an alphabetical Table of Contents of the book. Not all of the books listed are still in print, since some of them go back quite a few years. The prices shown on most of them are the cover prices for the edition used to make the list. The prices of later editions have generally increased, but the prices shown should give a relative idea of the cost. I've included some folk song books as well as banjo books, when they seemed likely to include useful songs. Please
let me know if there is a book I should have listed, especially if you can tell me where I can get a copy.(Books included which have not been indexed are often shown with their Library of Congress (LOC) call number. Numbers in brackets are [ISBN].)

ASM  Asch, Moses. 104 Folk Songs: As recorded on Folkways Records by famous folk song artists. 1964. Robbins Music Corporation, 96pp, ($2.95)

BA1  Bailey, Mike and Michael L. Smith. Mel Bay's Deluxe Gospel Banjo Songbook. 1982. Pacific, MO : Mel Bay Publications (93891), 96pp, ($6.95) 0005302463.

BAM  Bailey, Mike. Mel Bay's 3 Finger Pickin' Banjo Songbook. 1978. Mel Bay, 112pp, ($5.95)

BAT  Baucom, Terry. Terry Baucom - Acutab Transcriptions Vol. 1. 199_. AcuTab, 41pp, ($12.75) 28 breaks / 5 backups.

BO1  Borchelt, Don. Fiddle Tunes for Bluegrass Banjo: Reels, Rags, Hoedowns and Hornpipes. . Hargail Music Press, 28 W. 38th St. NYC, 32pp, ($5.05)

BOD  Borchelt, Don. 15 Fiddle Tunes for 5-String Banjo, 3-finger style. 1974. self-published (LOC M123 B67F5 1972, 19pp), 16pp

BR1  Bradbury, Frank. The Mel Bay Banjo Method (5 string) Vol. 1. 1967. Mel Bay, 64pp, ($2.00)

BR2  Bradbury, Frank. The Mel Bay Banjo Method (5 string) Vol. 2. 1967. Mel Bay, 64pp, ($3.95)

BRD  Brody, David. The Banjo Picker's Fakebook. 1985. Oak Publications, 216pp, ($16.95) [0-8256-0271-8]

BRT  Briggs, Thomas F.. Briggs Banjo Instructor. . , 83pp, ($13.60) reprint of 1855 fretless.

BU1  Burke, John. John Burke's Book of Old Time Fiddle Tunes for Banjo. 1968. Amsco Music Publishing Co., 96pp, ($2.95)

BU2  Burke, John. Fancy Pickin' & Plain Singing: The banjo tab & music book for KM 202 album. 1977. Kicking Mule Publishing, Inc., 36pp, ($2.95)

CA1  Carlin, Bob. Fiddle Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo. 1983. Centerstream Publications, 48pp, ($7.95) [0-89898-227-8]

CA2  Carlin, Bob & Sapoznik, Perlman, Loomis, Cahan. Melodic Clawhammer Banjo: the tab book that goes with the record KM 209. 1977. Kicking Mule Publishing, 36pp, ($2.95)

CHP  Champion, Paul. The Kingston Trio Presents an Introduction To Bluegrass 5-String Banjo 3 Finger Style. 1964. Folk World, Inc., 64pp, ($2.95) disk.

CLA  Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Songbook. 1964. Tiparm Music Publishers, Inc., 64pp, ($1.95)

CLB  Clayton, Bob. The Old Timey Banjo Book. 1976. Clayton, Bob, 34pp, ($4.25) (Arlington, VA).

CLJ  Clausi, John. Banjo Gold No. 2. 1975. Screen Gems - Columbia Pubs., 64pp, ($2.95) Pop songs: chords, no tab.

CLP  Cloud, Pat. The Key to the Five-String Banjo. 1992. self-published, 24pp, ($20.00)

CUA  Cushing, Andy. Fancy Fiddle Tunes For Banjo. 1992. Band-in-a-box, 13pp, ($12.75) cassette.

DA1  Davis, Janet. Splitting The Licks: Improvising and Arranging Songs on the 5-String Banjo. 1985. Mel Bay, 106pp, ($6.95) (see at Janet Davis).

DA2  Davis, Janet. Christmas Songs for 5-String Banjo. 1995. Mel Bay (95444), 96pp, ($9.95) CD (see also at Janet Davis). [0-7866-0473-5]

DAE  Darling, Erik. Bluegrass for the American 5 String Banjo. 1980. Melville, N.Y. : McAfee Music, 48pp

DID  Dillard, Doug & Kathryn Gleason, Bill Knopf. The Bluegrass Banjo Style of Douglas Flint Dillard. 1980. Almo Publications : Hialeah, Fla, 116pp

EMB  Emerson, Bill. Bill Emerson - Acutab Transcriptions. 199_. AcuTab, 54pp, ($12.75) 19 songs / 38 breaks.

ER2  Erbsen, Wayne. A Manual On How to Play the 5-string Banjo: for the Complete Ignoramus. 1977. Pembroke Music Co. New York, 48pp, ($6.95) [0-8258-0000-5]

ERW  Erbsen, Wayne. Southern Mountain Banjo. 1995. Mel Bay (MB95275), 119pp, ($12.95) [0-7866-0419-0]

FAB  Faier, Billy. Billy Faier's Banjo Book: Six Selections "The Art of the Five String Banjo". 196_. Hargail Music Press, 12pp, ($1.00) 2nd ed..

FOM  Ford, Mike W. (edited by Barry Kornfeld). How To Play Blue Grass Banjo. 1972. Hargail Music Press, 64pp, ($2.95)

FOR  Forrest, Bob. Mel Bay Presents The Carl Jackson Banjo Book. 1981. Mel Bay Publications, 75pp, ($5.95)

FSN  Lomax, Alan. The Folk Songs of North America. 1960. Doubleday & Company, 623pp

GR1  Griffin, Neil. Mel Bay's 5 String "Melodic" Banjo Solos: Banjo Fiddle Tunes. 1976. Mel Bay, 40pp, ($2.95)

GR2  Griffin, Neil. Mel Bay's Deluxe Bluegrass Banjo Method. 1976. Mel Bay, 128pp, ($5.95)

GR3  Griffin, Neil. Complete Banjo Book. 1993. Mel Bay (93723), ($9.95)

GRE  Grimshaw, Emile. Banjo and How to Play It, The; a complete guide to plectrum playing. . Clifford Essex Publications (Music Sales), 63pp includes finger-picking for 5-string, notation with fingering instructions, flat-picking C section. [0-86001-098-8]

GWG  Gilbert, Greg W.. Banjo Sampler: A compendium of music arranged for 5-string banjo... fiddle, jazz, classical & ragtime styles of playing. 1978. Wichita, KS (LOC M123 G75), 32pp

HAL  Haring, Lee. The Gypsy Laddie: Anglo-American Folk Songs For 5-String Banjo. 1961. Hargail Music Press, 28pp, ($1.95)

HO1  Hohwald, Geoff. Banjo Songs Volume 1 / Revised: 5-String Bluegrass Banjo the Way the Pros Play. 1980. Banjo Academy, 45pp, ($12.70) cassette.

HO2  Hohwald, Geoff. Banjo Songs Volume 2 / Revised: 5-String Bluegrass Banjo the Way the Pros Play. 1982. Banjo Academy, 53pp, ($12.70) cassette.

HO3  Hohwald, Geoff & Bill McKinley. Banjo Songs Volume 3: 5-String Bluegrass Banjo the Way the Pros Play. 198?. Banjo Academy, 50pp, ($12.70) cassette.

JOD  Okun, Milton (editor). John Denvers Greatest Hits: Five String Banjo (Solos and Strums with Instructions and Tablature). 1986. Alfred Pub. Corp., 80pp, ($4.95) [0895240157]

JU1  Jumper, Tim. How to Play Banjo. 1977. Acorn Music Press, 64pp, ($4.95) [0-8256-2352-9]

JU2  Jumper, Tim. The Banjo Player's Songbook. 1984. Oak Publications, 288pp, ($17.95) [0-8256-0297-1]

KN1  Knopf, Bill. Rocky Top: Bluegrass Banjo in Tablature. 1995. Ventura, Calif. Creative Concepts Pub. Corp, 96pp, ($14.95) [1569220824]

KN2  Knopf, Bill. Hot Licks & Fiddle Tunes for the Bluegrass Banjo Player. 1976. New York: Chappell Music Co, 71pp, ($5.95)

KN3  Knopf, Bill. Beatles Bluegrass Banjo Songbook. . Mel Bay, 70pp, ($5.05) 35 tab arrangements (originally published by Ryckman & Beck, 1978).

KNB  Knopf, Bill. Bill Knopf's 5-String Melodic Bluegrass Banjo Method. 1985. Charles Anderson, 96pp, ($9.95)

KOB  Kornfeld, Barry. Blue Grass Banjo: A Collection of 5-String Banjo Pieces in Scruggs and other 3-finger Styles. 1965. Hargail Music Press, 31pp, ($1.95)

KRM  Krassen, Miles. Clawhammer Banjo. 1974. Oak Publications, 80pp, ($6.95) [0-8256-0151-7]

LER  Lee, Ronny. Beginner's 5 String Banjo Book: Folk and Country Styles. 1964. Alfred Music, 49pp, ($1.95)

MAM  Manus, Morton. Learn to Play the Alfred Way: Five String Banjo. 1978. Alfred Publishing Co., Inc., 64pp, ($3.95)

MUE  Muller, Eric & Koehler, Barbara. Mel Bay's Frailing the 5-String Banjo: An Instruction Manual. 1973. Mel Bay, 96pp, ($4.50) [0-87166-878-5]

MUJ  Mullins, Joe. Joe Mullins - Acutab Transcriptions. 199_. AcuTab, 45pp, ($12.75) 23 songs / 35 solos.

OSS  Osborne, Sonny. Mel Bay presents Bluegrass Banjo. 1970. Mel Bay, 40pp, ($2.00)

PAW  Palmer, W. A. III. How to Play Folk and Bluegrass Banjo. 1965. Alfred Music Co., 48pp, ($1.95)

PE1  Perlman, Ken. Melodic Clawhammer Banjo. 1979. Oak Publications, 96pp, ($6.95) [0-8256-0226-2]

PE2  Perlman, Ken. New England & Irish Fiddle Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo. 1980. Chappell & Co., 32pp, ($4.95)

PE3  Perlman, Ken. Clawhammer Style Banjo: A Complete Guide for Beginning & Advanced Banjo Players. 1983. Prentice-Hall Inc., Englewood Cliffs NJ, 194pp, ($10.95) [0-13-136366-2]

PE4  Perlman, Ken. Devil in the Kitchen - Celtic Music Arranged for Clawhammer Banjo. 199_. Marimac Recordings, Inc., 22pp, ($6.00)

PEL  Peterson, Larry. How to Play the Old Time Clawhammer Picking Style on the 5-String Banjo. 199_. Larry Peterson, 8214 Bowie Dr., Omaha NE 68114, 74pp

RCB  Clark, Roy. Roy Clark Bluegrass Banjo Bible. . Heartland Music and Santorella Publications, 140pp 35+ songs with playing tips and lessons.

RO1  Rosenbaum, Art. Old-Time Mountain Banjo. 1968. Oak Publications, 88pp, ($6.95) [0-8256-0116-9]

RO2  Rosenbaum, Art. The Art of the Mountain Banjo. 1981. Centerstream Publications, 84pp, ($9.95) [0-931759-24-2]

RUH  Helbig, Rudiger. 5-String Banjo. 1980. Amsco (Music sales GmbH, Kolner Strasse 199, 5000 Koln 90), 160pp in German (Eng titles, tabs). [3-88393-067-9]

SAL  Sandberg, Larry. Banjo Styles. 1978. Oak Publications, 64pp, ($4.95)

SAV  Sadovsky, Vince. A Banjo Christmas: 22 Favorite Christmas Carols. 1984. Hal Leonard Music, 48pp, ($5.95)

SCE  Scruggs, Earl. Earl Scruggs and the 5-string Banjo. 1968. Peer International Corp., 156pp, ($10.95)

SCJ  Joplin, Scott. Great Scott! Songs and Solos for the Banjo. 1973. Charles Hanson Educational Music Books, 860 B'way, NYC 10023, 32pp, ($1.95) notation and chord diagrams only, no fingering instructions.

SE1  Seeger, Peter. The Goofing-Off Suite. 1959. Hargail Music Press, 32pp, ($1.95)

SE2  Seeger, Peter. How To Play the 5-String Banjo (3rd edition). 1962. Seeger, Peter, 72pp, ($2.00)

SE3  Seeger, Peggy. Folk Songs of Peggy Seeger: 88 Traditional Ballads and Songs. 1964. Oak Publications, 96pp, ($1.95)

SEP  Seeger, Peggy. The Five-String Banjo American Folk Styles. 1960. Hargail Music Press, 51pp, ($1.95)

SHS  Shelor, Sammy. Sammy Shelor - Acutab Transcriptions. 1995. AcuTab, 34pp, ($11.05) 21 songs / 32 solos.

SIJ  Silverman, Jerry. Beginning the Five-String Banjo. 1974. Collier Books, 150pp, ($3.95)

SL1  Slater, Alec. Mel Bay's Clawhammer Banjo Solos (On Modal Music and In the Irish Tradition). 1979. Mel Bay, 72pp, ($5.95)

SL2  Slater, Alec & Lisa Schmitz. Mel Bay's Complete Clawhammer Banjo Book. 1994. Mel Bay (MB95153), 144pp, ($15.00) [0-7866-0049-7]

SM1  Smoak, Jim & Tainaka, Jerry. 5-String Banjo Songbook. 1979. Envolve Publishing Co., 64pp, ($4.95)

SMR  Smeck, Roy & Mel Bay. Banjo Gold: a dozen 12-karat songs for tenor/5-string banjo. 1975. New York: Bourne (Chappell Music), 31pp

SO1  Sokolow, Fred. Fiddle Tunes for Bluegrass Banjo, a Method in the Melodic Style. 1980. Almo Publications, 40pp, ($5.95) disk.

SO2  Sokolow, Fred. Foggy Mountain Breakdown Plus 12 Great Banjo Solos. 1983. Columbia Pictures Productions, 52pp, ($5.95)

SO3  Sokolow, Fred. Bluegrass Banjo Classics. 1990. CPP/Belwin, Inc., 48pp, ($6.95)

STB  Stolls, Bernard & Morris, Peter. Choice Folksongs for 5-String Banjo in American Folk Styles. 1965. Hargail Music Press, 47pp, ($1.95)

STH  Streeter, Harold. Irish Jigs for Melodic Style 5 String Banjo, arranged for solo and duet. 1980. Musicprint Corp., 26pp, ($4.95)

SU1  Sullivan, Anthony. The 5 String, or 'G' Banjo: A Method for Irish and British Folksongs. 1986. Halshaw Music, 38pp, ($8.45) cassette.

SU2  Sullivan, Anthony. Sully's G Banjo 2. 1988. Halshaw Music, 56pp, ($11.85)

SWP  Sweeny, Pat. The Melodic 5-string Banjo. 1974. Pat Sweeny, Box 183, Goodell, Iowa 50439, 28pp, ($6.00)

TAD  Taylor, David. Mel Bay's E-Z Christmas Songs for 5 String Banjo. 1977. Mel Bay (93456), 21pp, ($2.95)

TAJ  Taschetta, Joe. Five-String Banjo Primer: If A is May, F# Must Be February. 1979. Iowa State University Press, 63pp, ($5.95) 2nd edtion (1st 1978).

TAR  Tate, Raymond. Hootenananny Song Book: Bluegrass Collection arranged for banjo. 1963. Scott-James & Co., ($2.00) with an introduction to Folk Playing.

TR1  Trischka, Tony. Melodic Banjo. 1976. Oak Publications, 128pp, ($7.95) disk.

TR2  Trischka, Tony. Banjo Song Book. 1977. Oak Publications, 144pp, ($7.95)

TR3  Trischka, Tony & Bill Keith. Bill Keith Banjo. 1978. Oak Publications, 71pp, ($6.95)

TR4  Trischka, Tony. Tony Trischka - Acutab Transcriptions, Vol. 1. 199_. AcuTab, ($12.75)

TTT  Trischka, Tony. Tony Trischka Teaches 20 Easy Banjo Solos. . Hal Leonard Corporation / Homespun Music Instruction, 30pp with CD.

VES  Vestal, Scott. Scott Vestal - Acutab Transcriptions Vol. 1. 199_. AcuTab, 48pp, ($12.75) 17 songs / 33 solos.

WAB  Warner Bros. Duelling Banjos and other songs for guitar and banjo. 1972. Warner Bros Publications, Inc, 33pp, ($2.95) & single sheet (1973).

WE2  Wernick, Pete. Pete Wernick - Acutab Transcriptions Vol. 1. 199_. AcuTab, 66pp, ($17.00) tabs from On A Roll.

WEP  Wernick, Peter. Bluegrass Banjo. 1974. Oak Publications, 143pp, ($4.95) disk.

YAT  Yates, Jeff & Earl Williams. Bluegrass Banjo Fiddle Tunes. 1981. Jeff Yates Publications, 64pp, ($5.95)