Briggs, Thomas F.  (BRT)

Briggs Banjo Instructor
83pp. ($13.60)
reprint of 1855 fretless
Alabama Joe26 G
Annie Lawrie31 D
Banks of the Ohio32 G
Black Eyed Susanna > Black-Eyed Suzie42 G
Black-Eyed Suzie42 G
Boatman12 D
Briggs Corn Shuckin' Jig19 G
Briggs Reel17 D
Briggs' Breakdown24 G
Briggs' Jig24 G
Camptown Hornpipe19 G
Carney Jig22 G
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny16 D
Circus Jig19 G
Congo Prince Jig, The24 D
Dance, Boatman, Dance > Boatman12 D
Dandy Jim11 D
Darkey Fishers Hornpipe21 D
Darkey Money Musk21 G
De Banks of de Ohio > Banks of the Ohio32 G
De Bones in de Barnyard15 G
De Gal Wid de Blue Dress On25 G
Dearest Mae16 G
Do They Miss Me at Home50 D
Ephriam's Lament18 G
Ethiopian Cracovienne23 D
Git up in de Mornin'14 G
Going Ober de Mountains26 G
Hard Times22 G
Hazel Dell46 G
Injin Rubber Overcoat28 D
Jim Along Josey28 G
Jim Crack Corn26 G
Jim Crow Polka12 G
Johnnie Booker15 G
Jordan Is a Hard Road30 D
Keemo Kimo29 G
Kick up da Debble on a Haliday23 D
Lilly Dale38 G
Lucy Long Polka20 G
Lucy Neal13 Gm
Lulu Is Our Darling Pride44 G
Mary Blane11 G
Miss Lucy Long14 G
Neber Do to Gib it up So25 G
Nigga From de South25 G
O! Lud Gals14 G
O! Pray Goody17 D
Old 76 Reel20 G
Old Dan Tucker11 G
Old Dinah's Goin' to Town17 D
Old Folks Are Gone48 G
Old Joe27 D
Old Johnny Boker > Johnnie Booker15 G
Old King Crow17 D
Old Zip Coon (Turkey in the Straw)25 G
Philadelphia Reel22 G
Pitch Burgandy Plaster28 D
Pop Goes the Weasel33 D
Rosa Lee15 D
Sebastapol Breakdown18 G
Spanish Gallopade27 G
This Side of Jordan21 G
Toll the Bells for Lilly Dale40 G
Turkey in the Straw (Old Zip Coon)25 G
Wait for the Wagon36 D
Walk Along John18 D
Walk into da Parlor Jig20 G
We Miss Thee at Home52 G
Who's Dat Knockin' at de Door16 G
Yankee Doodle29 G
Young Folks at Home34 D