Borchelt, Don  (BO1)

Fiddle Tunes for Bluegrass Banjo: Reels, Rags, Hoedowns and Hornpipes
Hargail Music Press, 28 W. 38th St. NYC. 32pp. ($5.05)
Beaumont Rag263FC
Billy in the Lowground183FC
Black Mountain Rag163FG
Blackberry Blossom153FG
Boys of Blue Hill, The73FD
Bull Durham243FG
Byrne's Hornpipe103FD
Carroll County Blues223FG
Dallas Rag283FC
Dill Pickles303FG
Eighth of January193FD
Flowers of Edinburgh53FG
Growling Old Man, The213FG
Haste to the Wedding113FD
Hundred Pipers, The103FG
Little Maggie203FG
Over the Waterfall173FD
Rickett's Hornpipe63FD
Rights of Man, The83FE
Sally Goodin143FG
Shady Grove233FG+
Wabash Cannnonball323FD
World is Waiting for the Sunrise, The293FG
Youngest Daughter, The123FD