5-String Banjo Videos / DVDs

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 Beginning Banjo

Simple instruction for the 5-string banjo. Songs are demonstrated slowly, phrase by phrase, with split screen close-ups so that you can see exactly how they're done. You will learn rolls, chords, pull-offs, tag licks, and flashy endings. Beginner/intermediate. Includes tab booklet. 60 min.

 Intermediate Banjo

Easy intermediate/advanced instruction for the 5-string banjo. Songs are demonstrated slowly, phrase by phrase with split screen close-ups so that you can see exactly how they're played. You'll learn movable chords, minors, sevenths, back-up licks, melodic scales, and flashy endings. Includes tab booklet. 60 min.

 The Ultimate Beginner Series: Banjo. Warner Brothers

Basic instruction for the 5-string banjo. Takes you from opening the case to simple tunes. Teaches simple finger patterns and plucking methods, as well as basic maintenance and some history on the banjo. 30 min.

  Adcock, Eddie. The Banjo of Eddie Adcock. Homespun Video

Eddie Adcock, one of the true innovators of the five-string banjo, developed a style that combines traditional Scruggs-style bluegrass with country, folk, jazz, blues, gospel and rockabilly sounds. He takes some of his most requested instrumentals_Eddie's Bounce, Turkey Knob, Pallet on the Floor, Heartaches and Bluebell_and breaks each down into "little bits and parts" for the benefit of learning pickers. This lesson is filled with great ideas and techniques, and is sure to expand your banjo repertoire.

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  Baucom, Terry. Terry Baucom: The Duke of Drive

An indepth interview with instructional breaks throughout. Terry begins by discussing his background and early banjo picking days. Covers an overview of Terry's approach to right hand technique; including picks, hand position and how he actually strikes the strings. He demonstrates how he gets that giant 3-2 pull-off sound, along with some of his signature licks. A portion of the video is dedicated to playing backup in a bluegrass band, including a simple roll in first position, "chop" backup behind a mandolin, and how he plays out of closed chord positions up the neck. Split screen, closeups, and tab booklet. Analyzes parts of 8 tunes. 80 min.

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  Cahill, Greg. Beginning Bluegrass Banjo Volume 1. Musician's Workshop, Austin TX

Now learning to play the banjo is easier than ever with Greg Cahill teaching you everything you need to know starting from the very beginning! Includes: introducing the 5-string banjo to the complete beginner, identification of all the parts, how to tune, basic chord formations, how to read banjo tablature, wearing your picks, 5 roll patterns, and he teaches you to play 4 tunes in complete detail. Tunes include: Cripple Creek, She'll be Comin Round the Mountain, Oh Susannah, and Cumberland Gap (two variations: regular and up-the-neck). * accompanying tablature sheet music inside this package *Also available in DVD

  Cahill, Greg. Beginning Bluegrass Banjo Volume 1 (1985). Musician's Workshop, Austin TX. DVD

  Cahill, Greg. Beginning Bluegrass Banjo Volume 2. Musician's Workshop, Austin TX

This Program takes up where "Beginning Bluegrass Banjo Vol One" leaves off. Includes: study of tunes in the Scruggs, melodic, & single-string styles. Also explains use of the capo & How to play tunes in the G, D, & C positions. Tunes include: Fireball Mail (two variations: regular & up-the-neck), Old Joe Clark, Devil's Dream, Soldier's Joy, & Sweet Dixie (Home Sweet Home) * accompanying tablature sheet music inside this package

  Cahill, Greg. Blazing Bluegrass Banjo 1: Developing Jamming Skills. Musician's Workshop, Austin TX

Developing Jamming Skills In this video, Greg covers the things you'll need to know when you start getting together with other people for informal picking or to start a band. These are topics that have been consistently requested by his students over the many years he's been teaching. Topics include: chord theory, structure & positions ù count-offs ù "pre-ending" and ending licks ù adapting various licks to different keys & positions, and much more!
Tunes include:Arkansas Traveler (in C and D positions), 8th of January (in G and D positions), Pike County Breakdown and Wildwood Flower (in C and G positions). (Intermediate Level)(82 Min.) (Video & Tablature)

  Cahill, Greg. Blazing Bluegrass Banjo 2: Expanding Stylistic Variety. Workshop Records, Austin TX

Expanding Stylistic Variety Learn how to play tunes in different keys, positions, and timings. Margarita Breakdown-Scruggs Style breakdown using Keith/Scruggs tuners. Danny's Dance In-6/8 time, this Irish Jig will broaden your banjo horizons. Iola-Explores the "Melodic Banjo Style (D-tuning) key- D. Fisher's Hornpipe- Banjo players hated this one, until now! (G-tuning) Key of D. Lone Star-(G-tuning) Key of A-minor, this will help with all your minor chords, keys, and licks. One For The Road- uses a "Diminished Chord" which is easier than you may think! Jerry's Breakdown- this Jerry Reed tune is interesting for banjo in the key of E! (Intermediate-Advanced) (80 Min.) (Video & Tablature) *The Allen Banjo Company of Houston, Tx is so impressed by these Greg Cahill videos that they put one in the case with every banjo they sell!

  Carlin, Bob. Learn to Play Clawhammer Banjo Video 1. Homespun Video

Working in G and double-C tuning, Bob details the downstroking techniques that characterize the clawhammer sound. You'll combine the basics with hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and double-thumbing to add style and complexity to your playing. Songs: Shortenin' Bread, Cripple Creek, Liberty, Soldier's Joy.

  Carlin, Bob. Learn to Play Clawhammer Banjo Video 2. Homespun Video

Spice up your repertoire with more advanced techniques and a new tuning, G modal! Bob provides a deeper analysis of previously-learned skills, adds drop thumb style to the mix, and experiments with variations and endings. Advice on choosing a banjo.
Songs: Arkansas Traveler, Cluck Old Hen, The Eighth Of January, Sally Goodin.

  Cochran, Mickey. An Introduction to the 6 & 12-String Banjo

Essentially a guitar-banjo hybrid, the 6-string banjo has served as the guitarist's answer to having a completely different voicing in one's palette. The long-time guitarist who is completely familiar with the fretboard can now emulate the banjo without having to learn a new language. Teaches tuning and both fingerstyle and flatpicking techniques for the 6 and 12-string banjo in the context of a variety of styles. With an indepth chapter on imitating a 5-string banjo. Created in association with Deering Banjos. 2 hours.

  Cochran, Mickey. Intro to the 5-String Banjo

Instructional video on 5-String Banjo that focuses on playing banjo within most any setting. Learn how to play banjo in a variety of genres, including: bluegrass, rock, country, blues, ragtime and jazz. Leads you by the hand through many exercises that make it easy to learn further melodies on your own. Prepares you to play with others by teaching how to combine roll patterns with chord progressions and develop the technique to play fast & slow leads. Offers set-up instructions and proper positioning for both right and left hands. Covers: basic chord positions, the two most common major keys, basic scale patterns, transposing with a capo, right hand roll patterns, more. Created in association with Deering Banjos. 1 hour, 55 min.

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  Davis, Janet. Back-Up Banjo. Mel Bay Publications

A companion video to the popular, comprehensive text of the same title. Learn the basic techniques commonly used on the five-string banjo to accompany vocalists and instrumentalists. Separates these by tempo, lead instrument and area of the fingerboard in which chords are being played. 90 min.

  Davis, Janet. Play Back-Up on the 5-String Banjo Volume 1: Scruggs-Style Back-Up

Play along with lead musicians as you learn. Includes tablature booklet. 100+ min.

  Davis, Janet. Play Back-Up on the 5-String Banjo Volume 2: Advanced Techniques

Includes tablature booklet. 100+ min.

  Davis, Janet. Splitting the Licks Video. Mel Bay Publications

This video guides the 5-string banjo player step by step in working out song arrangements from basic melodies in both Scruggs/bluegrass style and melodic/chromatic style. Based on her best-selling book of the same title. 65 min.

  Davis, Janet. Up the Neck Video. Mel Bay Publications

Davis' video complements her original five-string banjo book dealing with the 5th through 22nd fret. Includes: roll patterns, chords, songs, licks, chord progressions, improvising, melodic style, chromatic style and back-up. Intermediate to advanced. 90 min.

  Davis, Janet. You Can Teach Yourself Banjo. Mel Bay Publications

Based on the book. Straightforward, easy to understand method teaches basics and techniques needed to play bluegrass and melodic-style banjo. 60 min.

  Davis, Janet and Jim. 5-String Banjo Set-up and Maintenance

Jim and Janet take apart a banjo while demonstrating basic set-up and maintenance. Discussions & demonstrations on types of bridges, tailpieces, etc. Learn how to place the bridge, replace strings, tighten the head, adjust the tailpiece, more. Does not teach repair. 90 min.

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  Evans, Bill. Power Pickin' Vol. 1: Up the Neck Backup for Bluegrass Banjo. AcuTab Video

A step-by-step approach suitable for beginners to intermediate players. Techniques covered include: vamping - with variations, roll patterns based on chord forms, 2 finger backup for slower songs, 3/4 time backup, classic backup licks, bluesy backup styles. Produced by Acutab. 120 min.

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  Fleck, Bela. Béla Fleck Teaches Banjo Picking Styles. Homespun Video

Here's a unique opportunity to learn a variety of banjo styles and techniques as played by one of the hottest players on the scene today. B‚la Fleck shows you stylistic innovations that will add sparkle and interest to your playing, as well as several great tunes. He covers bluegrass, single-string picking, harmonics, Keith Tuners, blues improvisations and fabulous tunes such as "Texas Bar-B-Que," "Brilliancy," "Natural Bridge Suite," "John Henry" and "The Wind That Shakes The Barley." Watch B‚la's fingers as he slows down and explains the licks for which he's become famous.

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  Hartford, John. The Banjo According to John Hartford: Licks, Ideas and Music (Video 1). Homespun Video

This is the first of two highly-packed video lessons that provide a rare opportunity to spend time with John Hartford and get his personal take on how he plays the five-string banjo. A thoughtful and knowledgable musician, John has many unusual theories and a treasure-trove of ideas and techniques that he enthusiastically shares with learning players. With Chris Sharp backing him up on on fiddle and guitar, John's video lessons provide invaluable insights into his trademark banjo sound.

  Hartford, John. The Banjo According to John Hartford: Licks, Ideas and Music (Video 2). Homespun Video

On this second part of his unique banjo lesson series, John Hartford once again imparts numerous ideas and a myriad of techniques for the learning player. He explains chromatic scales and teaches his famous "slide whistle" lick, which allows you to play ear-catching runs that will enhance any tune. You'll also learn to add color and excitement to your banjo solos with John's trademark "fiddle style" melodic licks, which you will learn to play anywhere on the fingerboard. Sally Goodin and Old Time River Man provide the perfect examples for this dynamic technique.

  Hayman, Paul. Anyone Can Play Bluegrass Banjo. DVD

  Henry, Murphy. Advanced Earl: Learn Scruggs-Style Banjo by Ear

Teaches 5 songs, including "Sally Goodwin," "Groundspeed," "Pike County Breakdown," "Bugle Call Rag," and "Foggy Mountain Special." All instruction is by ear, no notation or tablature included.

  Henry, Murphy. Amazing Grace and Other Gospel Banjo Favorites

Hard-driving Scruggs-style breaks to 5 gospel tunes. Includes a fancy up-the-neck break to "Amazing Grace" in 3/4 time. Other tunes include "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder," "I'll Fly Away," "What A friend We Have in Jesus," and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken." All taught the Murphy Method way, note-by-note by ear, with no written material. 105 min.

  Henry, Murphy. Beginners' Banjo Video Vol. 1

Learn Scruggs-style method by ear and songs such as "Cripple Creek," "Foggy Mountain Breakdown," "John Hardy," and others. All taught "by ear," the Murphy Method specialty - no printed material whatsoever! 110 min.

  Henry, Murphy. Beginners' Banjo Video Vol. 2

All taught "by ear," the Murphy Method specialty - no printed material whatsoever! 105 min.

  Henry, Murphy. Beginning Banjo Vol. 1

Learn Scruggs-style method by ear and songs such as "Cripple Creek," "Foggy Mountain Breakdown," "John Hardy," and others. All taught "by ear," the Murphy Method specialty - no printed material whatsoever! 110 min.

  Henry, Murphy. Beginning Banjo Vol. 2

Learn 5 bluegrass songs note-by-note: "Old Joe Clark," "Salt Creek," "Foggy Mountain Breakdown," "Fireball Mail" and "Lonesome Road Blues," plus five ending licks. All taught "by ear," the Murphy Method specialty - no printed material whatsoever! 105 min.

  Henry, Murphy. Jam Session Standards

Five banjo standards. Chock full of great, new licks. All vamping explained in detail. Includes "Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms," "Salty Dog Blues," "Mountain Dew," "Dueling Banjos," and "Rocky Top." All taught "by ear," the Murphy Method specialty - no printed material whatsoever1 1 hour 45 min.

  Henry, Murphy. More Advanced Earl

Learn four more Scruggs tunes the Murphy Method way, note-by-note, with no written material at all! Includes 3 tuner songs, two of which ("Earl's Breakdown" and "Randy Lynn Rag") are also taught without using tuners. Other tunes are "Flint Hill Special," and "Reuben." 120 min.

  Hohwald, Geoff. 60-Minute Introduction to 5-String Banjo for Beginners. Watch-and-Learn Video Primer

Detailed explanation of holding the banjo, right hand positioning, rolls, basic chords, left hand techniques, learning new songs, practicing, & using a metronome. Companion to his book/CD package "Banjo Primer". 60 min.

  Holt, David. Clawhammer Banjo: Repertoire & Techinque (1). Homespun Video

David Holt, who learned his craft directly from some of the traditional masters, provides an overview of the nuances (how to "shade" a tune) that will make your renditions accurate and true to the real old-time sound. You'll learn important right hand techniques such as single- and double-thumbing, "continuous" picking, double-thumb rolls and the all-important "clicking" sound that comes from down-picking the strings with just the right hand position. Best of all, you'll be playing eleven terrific arrangements of popular clawhammer tunes: Cotton Eyed Joe, Cripple Creek, Jawbone, Let Me Fall, June Apple/Train On The Island, Ducks On The Pond, Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground, Sugar Hill, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss and Handsome Molly.

  Holt, David. Clawhammer Banjo: Repertoire & Techinque (2). Homespun Video

Delve into the shadings and special techniques that give the clawhammer style its drive, power and complexity. David tackles the more advanced picking ¥, double-thumb rolls, brush rolls and other right hand moves¥that will enable you to hold your own, whether playing solo or in a country dance band. You'll add eleven great songs and instrumentals to your clawhammer repertoire: Shady Grove, Little Sadie, Reel & Rock, Cumberland Gap, Sail Away Ladies, Forked Deer, Ragtime Annie, Billy In The Lowground, Arkansas Traveler, Rabbit In The Pea Patch and Way Down The Old Plank Road.

  Holt, David. Get Started on 5-String Banjo. Hal Leonard Publishing - Homespun Video

You've bought a brand new banjo. You take it home and pull it out of the case. Now what? Well, you put this video in your VCR, tune up, learn the parts of the banjo... and before you know it, you're playing and singing the traditional ballad Tom Dooley right along with David. Add the "guitar strum" and "clawhammer" style to "Old Dan Tucker," "My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains" and "Oh, Susanna" and you're off to the right start, ready for years of musical adventures on your new instrument.

  Huber, Steve. Killer Tone

We all know the sound when we hear it - a banjo that cuts through the band while still retaining the rich, sweet tone that defined the bluegrass recordings of the 40's and 50's. Steve takes apart a Mastertone style banjo and teaches: proper head tension, tap tuning and head, optimal tone ring/rim fit, using the coordinator rods to adjust your action, choosing a bridge, adjusting tailpiece height, bridge placement, and truss rod adjustments. 80 min.

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  Jones, Chris. Creating Guitar Solos for Banjo Instrumentals. Musician's Workshop, Austin TX

What do you do when they say: "TAKE IT DOC," but you don't know a break to the song? You say, "NO THANKS, I'LL PASS". Pretty embarrassing & not much fun. You've seen guitar players who are so good that they can just "FAKE IT." In other words: they can make up a solo on the spot even if they've never heard the song before. Did you know there are two ways to approach this problem? The first is the approach of stringing together a bunch of licks that fit the chords. That's kind of a beginner approach to playing a solo. The advanced approach is to not only play really hot licks, but for the melody of the song to also be identifiable. Let Chris Jones take you beyond "lick soloing" to advanced melody soloing... Chris takes you beyond "lick oriented" soloing, showing you how to translate banjo instrumentals into guitar instrumentals, by replacing the fingerpicked banjo roll with the more linear "guitaristic" componentry, while being careful to maintain the integrity of the original banjo piece...

K   A B C D E F H J K L M O R S T W    Books

  Keith, Bill. Play Bluegrass Banjo by Ear. Homespun Video

This unique lesson in basic music theory will help you find melody and harmony notes and understand the banjo fingerboard in a way that will open up vast possibilities. Combining this knowledge with basic rolls, harmonized scales, pentatonic runs and licks, and more will allow you to develop powerful and creative bluegrass solos.

L   A B C D E F H J K L M O R S T W    Books

  Lawless, John. How to Read Tablature for 5-String Banjo. AcuTab Publications Inc. VHS 30 minutes, booklet included

In this concise 30 minute video presentation, AcuTab's John Lawless takes you through the basics of reading tab for banjo. You will learn to recognize and count the various note values and decipher the numeric tab system.
With this video and a bit of work you'll soon be able to take advantage of the many tablature resources available for banjo. You can learn to play from tab!

  Lee, Frank. Old-Time Banjo, Clawhammer Style. Homespun Video

Frank Lee, of the sensational old-time band The Freight Hoppers, has one of the strongest banjo sounds around. His clawhammer frailing style locks in tight with David Bass' fiddle, sometimes doubling the melody and other times providing an exciting counterpoint to it. Frank's rhythm playing highlights the solid tempo established by Cary Fridley's guitar and Jim O'Keefe's bass, making The Freight Hoppers' ensemble sound irresistible.
On this instructional video, Frank breaks down the traditional clawhammer style that has become his trademark. He teaches seven great tunes and the "tricks of the trade" that make his playing stand out in the field of old-time players. You'll learn right hand techniques for drop thumb playing and how Frank gets his percussive upbeat clucking sound; his use of a pick on his middle finger; and the details of his banjo set-up.

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  Munde, Alan. 60 Hot Licks for Bluegrass Banjo. Texas Music and Video

  Munde, Alan. Festival Favorites for Five-String Banjo. Texas Music & Video

Step-by-step explanations and tablature to play bluegrass classics such as "Salt Creek," "Under The Double Eagle," "Old Joe Clark," "Cripple Creek," more. 60 min.

  Munde, Alan. Super Bluegrass Banjo Picking Techniques. Mel Bay Publications

Alan describes the basic rolls and picking patterns that make up bluegrass banjo music. Play-along exercises allow the student to develop a strong roll, accuracy, speed and right-hand control. Booklet included. 60 min.

  Museum of Modern Art. Music on Film: To Hear Your Banjo Play Stations of the Elevated. Kultur Video

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  Osborne, Sonny. The Bluegrass Banjo of Sonny Osborne. Homspun Video

Learn from a legend! Sonny Osborne's lesson is filled with detailed instruction, historical reminiscences and insightful advice. He teaches his stylistic innovations_walk-downs, unusual endings, pedal steel-like licks, back-ups, chordal harmonies, chiming_and several of his most requested tunes. Band performances illustrate how the banjo sounds in a classic bluegrass setting.
Songs: "Danny Boy," "El Randa," "America The Beautiful," "I'll Never Shed Another Tear," "Pain In My Heart," "Me And My Old Banjo," "Six White Horses," "Dandelion," "One Tear," "Tennessee Hound Dog," "Sunny Mountain Chimes," "Sunny Side Of The Mountain," "Eight More Miles to Louisville," "I'll Never Love Another," "Rocky Top."

R   A B C D E F H J K L M O R S T W    Books

  Reno, Don Wayne. Bluegrass Banjo Don Reno Style. Homespun Video

The legendary Don Reno is revered in American bluegrass history for his improvisational flair, technical skills and good-humored personality. The Reno banjo style he created melds traditional bluegrass breakdowns with chord-based solos, percussive techniques and flamboyant single-string runs. Don taught his groundbreaking banjo techniques to his son, Don Wayne Reno, who now passes it on -- with lots of his dad's great advice -- to all aspiring players.
With his brother Dale on back-up guitar, Don Wayne teaches eight classic Reno songs: "Dixie Breakdown," "Banjo Signal," "Follow The Leader," "Double Banjo Blues," "Little Rock Getaway," "5 By 8," "Cumberland Gap" and the kick-offs to "I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)" and "I'm The Talk Of The Town." The two Reno Brothers end this lesson with a great performance of "Charlotte Breakdown." He teaches this lesson on the famous 1934 Gibson Mastertone RB 3 Flathead with Flying Eagle inlay that his father received as a trade from Earl Scruggs in 1948. Don Reno played it on "Feuding Banjos" (precursor for "Dueling Banjos") and on all the great Reno and Smiley recordings. You won't find a Reno-style banjo lesson like this anywhere else!

S   A B C D E F H J K L M O R S T W    Books

  Seeger, Mike. Old-Time Banjo Styles. Homespun Video, Tapeworm

Mike Seeger teaches dominant old-time picking techniques _clawhammer, two- finger, three-finger, up-picking and others_in several tunings and styles. Workshop appearances from the Merle Watson Memorial Festival feature the banjo styles of Doc Watson (North Carolina); Kirk Sutphin and Greg Hooven (Mt. Airy and Galax); and Etta Baker and Joe and Odell Thompson (African-American). Mike's own interpretations of classic old-time tunes make this a comprehensive lesson for all players. Eighteen songs including: "Molly Dear," "Snowdrop," "French Waltz," "Reuben's Train," "Tom Dooley," "Willie Moore," "Frosty Morn," "Old Joe Clark," "John Brown's Dream," "Backstep Cindy," "Old Corn Likker," "Marching Jaybird, "Soldier's Joy," "Needle Case," "Baptist Shout," "White House Blues."

  Seeger, Mike. Southern Banjo Styles (Volume 1). Homespun Video

This is the first of a 3-volume series covering virtually all of the major banjo styles and techniques, as well as a look at some of the types of banjos that have been played throughout its history in America. Volume 1 focuses on a family of styles generally considered to be of African origin and variously known as clawhammer, frailing, rapping, drop-thumb and down-picking. Each video section features a song or tune with brief information as to its style and source, a complete performance of the piece, and detailed split-screen instruction on how to play it. You'll also see a close-up view of each of the nine banjos used.
Mike teaches a wonderful variety of songs that you'll soon be adding to your repertoire: "Soon in the Morning, Babe" an African American clawhammer picking style from Mississippi with gourd banjo; Josh Thomas's "Roustabout" an African American accompaniment technique from Virginia; "Jim Crack Corn" an irregular-accent clawhammer style; "Battle in the Horseshoe" a basic clawhammer tune; "Darling Cora" using Kentucky multi-finger brush technique; "Devil's Dream" in North Carolina up-pick, up-&-down-stroke style; "Little Birdie" using two-finger Kentucky up-pick, down-stroke style; Around the World, in a three-finger up-pick down-stroke style; and "Whoopin' Up Cattle" a clawhammer piece on a double-drone-string banjo.

  Seeger, Mike. Southern Banjo Styles (Volume 2). Homepsun Video

Picking up where Video One left off, Mike Seeger continues his in-depth lesson/demonstration of predominant banjo styles of the 19th and early 20th century. Volume Two focuses on two- and three-finger techniques, some of which are the foundation for contemporary three-finger style. Each segment features a complete performance of a song or tune, comment on its style and source, and detailed split screen instruction for playing it. You'll also see close-up views of each of the nine banjos used. The enclosed booklet includes tabs, a banjo discography, how to choose and set up a banjo, and much more.
Songs include: Flop Eared Mule (up-picking double-note style); Lost Gander (thumb-lead with extensive use of harmonics); The Sailor and the Soldier (a variant of the previous technique); American Spanish Fandango (from 19th-century parlor banjo repertoire); Got No Silver Nor Gold Blues (Uncle Dave Macon minstrel style); We're Up Against It Now (arpeggio technique); That's What Old Bachelors Are Made Out Of (waltz-time back-up techniques); The Last of Callahan (fiddle tune); Lady Gay (Dock Boggs's style).

  Seeger, Mike. Southern Banjo Styles (Volume 3). Homepsun Video

Volume 3 focuses on mid-twentieth-century styles, the majority of them using finger picks. Each lesson features a complete performance of a song or tune (each one played on a different historical banjo), commentary on its style and source, and detailed instruction for playing it using our easy-to-follow split-screen camerawork. The accompanying booklet includes tabs, a banjo discography, how to choose and set up a banjo, and much more.
Tunes played: Down South Blues - a Dock Boggs blues played with a "slide;" Last Night When My Willie Come Home - in two guitar styles: Maybelle Carter and country rag-time; Wabash Blues - clawhammer instrumental, metal finger pick; Bright Sunny South - Wade Mainer/Ralph Stanley "up-up" picking with picks; Roll on John - Roscoe Holcomb style, thumb and finger pick; Needlecase - early three-finger instrumental, finger picks; Come My Little Pink - Earl Scruggs style; I'm Head Over Heels in Love - Mike's clawhammer version of Earl Scruggs style on an early Flatt & Scruggs song.

  Seeger, Pete. How to Play the 5-String Banjo. Homespun Video, Hal Leonard Publishing

Take a lesson with America's most beloved banjo picker! You'll learn the techniques Pete uses to make songs come alive-- up-picking, frailing, whamming, double-thumbing, hammering-on and pulling-off, two- and three-finger picking and more.
Pete teaches more than a dozen songs including "Darlin' Cory," "Lady Gay," "Risselty Rosselty," "Sloop John B.," "Dink's Song," "Leather Britches," "Coal Creek March," "In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down," "Quite Early Morning" and "East Virginia," among others. This video will make an enlightening and valuable part of your music video collection, even if you don't play the banjo!

  Shelor, Sammy. Sammy Shelor: A Demonstration and Analysis of an Award-Winning Style. AcuTab Video

Several songs are presented in split-screen format, showing both of Sammy's hands simultaneously. Includes tab booklet and most examples are played both up to speed and a bit slower. Shelor discusses: playing the melody in a roll style, effective forward roll backup, filling the gaps in a vocal number, and finding the best tone. 80 min.

  Stanley, Ralph. The Banjo of Ralph Stanley: From Old-Time to Bluegrass. Homespun Video

This intimate look at Ralph Stanley's pioneering banjo style begins with the first tunes he learned from his mother in the old-time clawhammer technique, and progresses through the three-finger bluegrass picking he helped make famous. Included are both detailed instruction and full-band performances of some of the most beloved Stanley Brothers tunes: "Little Maggie," "Hard Times," "Dickenson County Breakdown," "Little Birdie," "Clinch Mountain Backstep," "Train 45," more.

T   A B C D E F H J K L M O R S T W    Books

  Traum, Happy. Five-String Banjo for Beginners. Homespun Video

With this clear, easy, hands-on lesson you'll be picking and singing along with Happy Traum within minutes. He starts with the basics -- the parts of the banjo, how to hold and tune it -- and quickly moves on to teach two-chord melodies to country and folk tunes in traditional banjo style. You'll learn right-hand picking patterns, hammer-ons, slides, pull-offs and other essential skills to use in hundreds of songs, including the favorites taught here: "My Home's Across The Smoky Mountains," "Handsome Molly," "Cumberland Gap," "Jesse James," "Black-Eyed Susie," "Banks Of The Ohio."

  Trischka, Tony. Bluegrass Banjo: Tunes and Techniques. Homespun Video

Learn how Earl Scruggs and the other bluegrass masters get their distinctive sound-and learn to play terrific tunes in the process!Tony highlights each piece with an in-depth analysis and numerous pointers.He covers rolls,chokes,slides,timing,speed problems,syncopation,improvisation,intros,endings,chord inversions,back up techniques and lots more in teaching these tunes and their variations:John Henry,John Hardy,Nine-Pound Hammer,Cross Eyed Cricket,Soldier's Joy,Liza Jane,Weeping Willow,Bluegrass Blues,Little Maggie,Leather Britches.

  Trischka, Tony. Tony Trischka's Essential Practice Techniques for Bluegrass Banjo. Homespun Video, Hal Leonard Publishing

Here's a lesson that's a "must-have" for all bluegrass banjo players. Tony Trischka, who has been called "one of the most inventive banjo players alive" by Billboard Magazine, has recorded a nuts and bolts practice session that is designed to improve your timing, strengthen your hands and help you play with precision, power and rhythmic sophistication. It is filled with exercises, etudes and workouts for both your left and right hand, covering many of the building blocks of bluegrass banjo.

  Trischka, Tony. Tony Trischka's Essential Practice Techniques for Bluegrass Banjo. Homespun Video, Hal Leonard Publishing. DVD

This in-depth workout will enable you to achieve sinewy slides, crisp pull-offs, powerful hammer-ons and locked-in right hand patterns. Working with a metronome, Tony details a variety of rolls that highlight the rhythmic aspects of the right hand. He helps you to "straighten out your time" so it's consistent and even, and shows you how to identify downbeats, upbeats and in-between beats while playing increasingly tricky rolls.

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  Wernick, Pete. Bluegrass Jamming: A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers. Homespun Video

Pete Wernick has created a "video jam session" so that players of any level or instrument can play along with some experienced musicians and get ready for the "real thing." Pete and his all-star jam band teach the ins and outs of "jam etiquette," the basics of music theory, and handy jamming hints such as signaling kick-offs and endings, watching the guitar player's left hand for the chord changes, making up harmony vocals, using the "number system" for calling out changes, and lots more! For all bluegrass instruments! Includes lyrics and chords for 17 classic bluegrass songs and instrumentals. Includes booklet. 105 min.

  Wernick, Pete. Bluegrass Jamming: A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers. Homespun Video. DVD

  Wernick, Pete. Branching Out on Bluegrass Banjo Video 1: A Treasury of Techniques. Homespun Video

Pete presents hundreds of building blocks for creating licks, back-ups and solos. You'll learn dozens of left-hand chord groups, versatile right-hand rolls, classic up-the-neck licks and variations, rhythm patterns and chord vamping for back-up, movable chord positions, and more to help you improvise your own solos and variations.

  Wernick, Pete. Branching Out on Bluegrass Banjo Video 2: Putting It All into Practice. Homespun Video

Pete shows you how to apply the techniques covered in the previous video plus dozens of new licks, runs, back-ups, modulations, scales, chords, breaks and more. He shows you how to create your own improvisations and solos while teaching these great bluegrass classics: Soldier's Joy, The Wild Ride, High On A Mountain, If I Should Wander Back Tonight, Radio Boogie, Walk The Way The Wind Blows, Gone Fishing, Nellie Kane, Foggy Mountain Special.

  Wernick, Pete. Get Rolling! An Ultra-Easy, No Fail Introduction to Bluegrass Banjo. Homespun Video

With only two chords (one "open," the other using just two fingers), Pete gets you started strumming and accompanying ten bluegrass standards. By learning just one more easy chord, you are now able to play along with almost any bluegrass song. You'll learn a sizeable group of favorites by simply strumming and changing chords in the right places. Getting started this way builds results and confidence quickly, and is extremely effective in learning timing, left hand, and "ear" skills -- all necessary for eventually playing in jam sessions.
Next, it's time for the basic banjo rolls that really start sounding like bluegrass picking! With just a four-note pattern, your banjo sparkles as you roll along with the video on all of the songs you've learned up to now. You're ready to jam with Pete's guest students Joel Adamson and Marie Steen, who show how strumming and picking work together on "Tom Dooley," 'Take Me Back to Tulsa" and "Long Journey Home."

  Wernick, Peter. Beginning Bluegrass Banjo. Homespun Video, Hal Leonard Publishing

A perfect lesson for those who want to play three-finger style bluegrass banjo--from scratch. Pete (Dr. Banjo) Wernick will have you picking right from the opening minutes of this tape. You'll learn the basic rolls, left-hand fingering and how to pick out melodies to nine all-time favorite bluegrass songs. By the time you finish with this tape, you'll be on your way to becoming a real bluegrass picker.
Includes: "Buffalo Gals," "Mama Don't 'Low," "Columbus Stockade Blues," "Handsome Molly," "Shady Grove," "Worried Man," "Big Ball In Boston," "Red River Valley," "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms," "Jesse James," "Lonesome Road Blues," "Little Maggie, "That Good Old Mountain Dew."